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YOUng Adults

Friday Nights

Dinner, Games, Worship, Talk Story, Hang out!
1114 Mona St. (Church)

Wednesday Nights

Women’s Bible Study
6pm – 8pm
2707 Hipawai Pl. (Youth With a Mission)

Young Adults (YA) Ministry

Gatherings consist of worship nights, thought-provoking discussions, game nights, sports, camping trips & plenty of spontaneous hangouts! 

Led by Joe & Elise Thompson

ELISE is 33 years old (yikes, we know) and is originally from Southern California. She loves fancy cheese, wine, and roasting on the beach.

JOE is 28 years old (double yikes) and in originally from Maryland. He loves Kraft singles, beer, and pickleball.

Joe & Elise are both currently on staff at Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Honolulu and have lived on island for the past 8+ years. They joined Bluewater Mission in 2019 and Joe is currently on church staff in addition to leading YA with Elise.

“Our heart for Bluewater YA is that we can help connect you to other YA in a genuine way. That we wouldn’t just be ‘the people you see at church’, but that you would meet people who you want to invite into your life. YA is a wide age-range and we believe that no matter what your age is, that there’s something for you to receive and GIVE to this community. We ask for open minds and a willingness to be stretched out of your comfort zone. If there’s anything we’ve learned in our time leading YA, it’s that it’s totally worth it.”

Get Connected!

Joe: (443) 848-0496

Elise: (805) 405-3589

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