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Submit a Testimony

Submit a Testimony

Did you encounter God in a wonderful or miraculous way while at Bluewater Mission?
We’d love to hear about it! 


We believe that testimonies speak to the goodness of Jesus. By sharing your testimony, you are giving Jesus the glory He deserves. We desire to be a community that freely shares testimonies and stewards them well.

How has God moved in your life? How has Bluewater Mission helped you? Fill in the form below to let us know!

*If you are sharing a testimony about a healing you experienced, please be sure to tell us how long you’ve had the pain/issue, how severe it was, and how the pain/issue improved. (For example, I had lower back pain. On a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the worst pain possible it was an 8. I went to the prayer ministry team after church. After receiving prayer, the pain disappeared completely!)