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Bluewater Ministries

The Bluewater community is engaged in a wide array of initiatives, inspired by the call and the character of Jesus. These core ministries are Family Life, Creative Arts & Worship, Justice, Service, Missions, Prayer Ministry and Small Groups. On each team, we look to Jesus' model of hands-on servant-leadership, and we rely on volunteer commitment and skill to grow the fruits of ministry. We hope you'll join in and expect the unexpected.

Following is a brief overview of each ministry team, why it exists, how it works, and who to contact for more information. You can also click on each ministry team's link to the left for further details.

Family Life

Jesus taught that God rewards those who help children for him, and he said that heaven belongs to the kid-like. In our materialistic, grow-up-fast mentality, this is counter-cultural. So it takes an intentional effort to integrate families into a vital church life, helping them love and serve God passionately.
Involve children and families in all parts of ministry and community. We believe that every age can serve, pray and minister together. Bluewater Kids, Bluewater Youth, and small groups for families help make this happen.

Team Leader: Sonya Seng 371-4933 • Sonya is a full-time mom with two young children. She was previously a professional actress and served as an associate pastor at the Cambridge Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Creative Arts & Worship

Art and music are universal languages of the heart. God often uses the arts to speak to the depths of a person's soul in ways that words cannot. Artists and musicians help to engage the rest of the community in conversations with God through these creative languages.
We spend the first part of each service in musical worship. Though the music is corporately expressed, it's an open time for individuals to personally and freely meet God.
Art in Service is designed to allow the Holy Spirit to speak through pieces never seen before. The Vibe is an arts ministry, encompassing visual arts, theater, and film. Participants sharpen one another in the use of creative giftings to bless the larger community.
Team Leader for Musical Worship: Eunice Sim • Eunice is an award-winning, Berklee College songwriter who has led worship for over a decade across the country and internationally.
When we practically care for someone the way we hope someone would care for us, we visibly demonstrate God's compassion. When we cross personal, comfortable boundaries to do this, we copy what Jesus did for us.
Bluewater has a variety of justice oriented ministries including anti-trafficking efforts, safe & sober homes, homeless outreach, a justice oriented small group, and the Urban Plunge – a bi-annual mission trip to our own city.
Team Leader: Vern •


According to Jesus, faithfulness in small things translates into power in God's kingdom. The more we serve, the greater we are. Since practical service is the foundation of great deeds, it should be a foundation of our church and visible in all we do. Jesus described himself as a servant, and simple service creates in us the character of God.
Each Sunday, several service teams prepare the gym space and then clean up again: Helping hands set up chairs and staging, hang signs, and tidy bathrooms. Greeters prepare the front information table, fold bulletins, write name tags, and welcome one and all with aloha. The Café Bleu team brews the coffee, dishes up the snacks and creates an environment for fellowship.
Team Leader: Kat
The single task Jesus explicitly gave his followers to complete was to make disciples from every nation, and yet there are still 1000+ people groups with no exposure to the gospel. As we help establish Jesus-following communities around the world, we partner with God's own enduring vision.
Short Term Missions: Opportunities to learn and serve overseas for usually two weeks at a time. These trips involve practical service, prayer ministry, making friends, strategic research, and sharing the gospel.
Long Term Missions: We sent out and support three long-term missionaries in Asia and hope to train and send out many more. Our long-term vision is to release churchplanting teams from our community.
Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: A 15-week overview of God's global purposes through history, taught by international experts and missionaries.
Team Leader: Robyn Morse 617-359-7478 • A former InterVarsity staff worker, Robyn has been on over 20 mission trips from Cuba to Lebanon. She pays her bills by coordinating clinical trials at Kapiolani Hospital.


 Since the beginning, ordinary followers of Jesus have been in the business of supernatural ministries and interactive prayer. Miracles that demonstrate God's power and love are part of normal Christian living, and friendship with God is cultivated in prayerful conversation with him.
Post-service prayer: available each Sunday for anyone needing healing or direction. Pre-service intercessory prayer: seeking God's presence and direction for the service each Sunday at 9 am in the Dining Hall area. Periodic training events throughout the year: at Holy Spirit Retreats we study about and pray to receive the healing of the Holy Spirit and accompanying spiritual gifts.
Those interested in joining the prayer ministry team can start training in our small group settings, where we encourage practical workshopping of ministries like healing and listening prayer.
Team Leaders Keiger Bowman, 478-3703 • and Jeannie Hughes, 754-6720 • Keiger is the safety manager for ALTRES, Inc.; Jeannie is a teacher at Windward Nazarene Academy. They love to train others and are committed to seeing miracles through prayer.
Faith is best activated among partners and friends. Even Jesus did his ministry in the context of a small group of disciples. As we learn to build one another up and serve together, we see God's kingdom come both inside and out. We have small groups meeting throughout the week and across the island and strongly encourage everyone to connect with one.
Team  Leader: John Roberts, 384-7498 • John is a music teacher at Punahou. With his household, John’s out to transform his Kalihi neighborhood. He enjoys volleyball and running.